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“When You Need S*x You Will Pay”. Bobrisky Replies SMAN

Following trend on social media, you will know that the first New Year social media shutdown is the “STINGY MEN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA” (SMAN), whoever started this is really a joker, although it’s a good diagnose to recover from the struggles and shock of 2020.

Lots of people have keyed into the trend including celebrities and foreigners and it seems it is really working. Men are flying identification cards on their social media handles with their personal data to show solidarity in line with endorsing the initiative.

This has caused a lot of panics as ladies start to wonder the consequences if this should persist and be acted upon by guys. Out of this fear, they choose to speak out. One of such ladies who made a remarkable influence against the SMAN is Bobrisky. Even though Bobrisky is a guy turned lady, she strongly sides with the females as she shares a lead on her Twitter handle on what to do if peradventure, the SMAN trend continues and is acted upon by guys eventually using a padlock to demonstrate.

“Guys, we are not telling you not to be stingy o, bikonu, be stingy. Girls, let me show you the way out. Lock your kpetus (possible slang for vagina)… since they want to be stingy, we are going to be stingy too. Girls you know when we are horny, we use didle but when they are horny, they have to pay for Sex”.

The statement on a long-lasting note sounds like a dare or a competition to see breaks first out of need and want of another.

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