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Suicide: Another Youth Dele Bandele, Chose To End It All

Nigerian social media space, especially, Twitter, woke up with the shock of a youth death. The youth who is between the age ranges of 20 to 30 is identified as Dele Bandele. The youth shared out a suicide note to his lover who possibly let out the letter after his death to the public domain.

The youth, Dele Bandele a residence of Lagos took his life after confirming that he has been depressed for seven years and he decides that he ends the duration of the depression just one week after his birthday. He chose an unknown destination to do this as friends and relatives after seeing the suicide note have to put a search in the quest of recovering his corpse anywhere he might be.

In his suicide note, Dele Bandele calls life a party where you will have to leave when you no longer have fun there. The suicide notes of Dele Bandele are here below for you to see what and how the young man was feeling before he ends it all.

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