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Don’t Ever Do This Having A Ring On – Doctor’s Warning

It is the identity of a married person to always wear his ring. This trait may turn into a character and a habit that we mostly always forget that we have a ring on. Remembering to remove the ring for a while does not always mean infidelity to your spouse or partner; most especially, when it comes to issues of health like this.

A fresh discovery report from a doctor earlier today shows how dangerous it is to have rings on while handling some stuff; most especially, chemicals. This head-on is a warning not only to married people who are the most liable to always have rings on but to anyone also who loves rings. The doctor gave a report, warning specifically about having a ring on your finger and touching a car battery, as this can cause a severe burn to the wearer.

The image below was shared by the doctor known as first doctor (@firstdoctorr) on his Twitter handle, possibly, of a case treated by him of such an accident caused by simply touching a car battery while having a ring on.

a ring cause a burn to a wearer’s finger

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