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Dino Melaye Question F.Gs 400 Billion Naira Covid-19 Vaccine.

The former senator to the federal republic of Nigeria, Dino Melaye, speaks out against the idea of Covid-19 Vaccine Purchase and importation from other nations.

Earlier today, the Former Senator shared on his social media handle (Twitter), his opinion on why he thinks the idea of Covid-19 Vaccine importation is a bad one. According to him, The Nigerian Government is using 400 Billion Naira to get the Virus Vaccine available for Nigerians.

The Former senator refers to the situation as a sad and shameful one since Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world, it should have had the effrontery and ability to produce its own vaccine.  He further puts it in a sarcastic way of mentioning the existence of Nigerian universities being equipped to arrest the situation; thus, with high hopes, faith, and belief the availability of thousands of capable Professors that are equal to the task of making the Covid-19 vaccine available.

Former Senator Dino Melaye, condemn the 400 billion Naira amount of money that is going to other nations in a bid to purchase the Covid-19 Vaccine. He suggests that the amount can be cut down to 50 billion Naira if the responsibility of making the vaccine was entrusted into the hands of Nigerians.

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