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COVID-19: Reps to legitimatize, monitor paying out/using up of donations

Nigerian National Assembly session
Nigerian National Assembly session
Nigerian National Assembly session

The lower chamber of the national assembly will introduce lawful backing to watch out for the paying out/using up of financial supports given to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria the speaker. Femi Gbajabiamila noted.

The speaker emphasized this during a meeting on the update on COVID-19 with the leadership of the Country’s Assembly alongside the Presidential Task Force (PTF).

He stressed the necessity of legislation at the disbursement of govt and private monetary assistance in combat of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The assembly had proclaimed the financial support of their 2 months pays to assist in fighting the disease.

The Senate as well proclaimed that they are bringing out a shared-portion of their monthly incomes/payment at the beginning of March for that purpose.

All federal ministers as well proclaimed they could donate a shared-portion of their March monthly payment.

Banks, private cooperation and individuals have contributed billions to combat the COVID-19 disease in Nigeria.

The United Bank for Africa on Thursday proclaimed an N5 billion support.

Femi Otedola, Abdulsamad Rabiu, Herbert Wigwe, and Segun Agbaje as well contributed N1 billion individually to assist the move.

During the long-expected public address/oration, President Muhammadu Buhari noted the presidential work-force will collect and gather the whole contributions carried out to combat the widespread of the disease within Nigeria.

The necessity of the law-making

The speaker noted not minding legislation, joined by the fact that spending of govt monetary assistance has to be the way prescribed by the constitution, paying out/using up the COVID-19 monetary supports could turn out as a course of litigation.

He noted spending and allocation out of the money not minding the affirmation of the country’s Assembly could turn out to be a source of the problem.

“Things we are making efforts to achieve is to observe whether a constitutional provision is put into practice on this matter the way it was pointed out by Section 80 of the constitution, that spending/allocation out of the treasury of govt has to only be according to pattern stated by an Act of the country’s Assembly.

“Things we’ve to do is to convene the realistic moment and give you, though whether it has to be a 1 line material for you to allocate/designate this funds, the resultant of this is that executing the opposite could turn out as a course of litigation, additionally court could state that you don’t have the power to spend/allocate out of the funds proceeding from the treasury of govt,” Mr. Gbajabiamila noted.

Concerning the law-making opposing reneging on pledges of donations publicly made, the Speaker noted there is no punishment for reneging on assurances made on the freewill contributions due to lack of legislation.

“it’s compulsory to have a kind of law-making for it, a tool to mandate pledges has to be positioned.”

He as well showed off his dissatisfaction by the revealed information that healthcare and other officials during entrance remarks and the health centers operating on the COVID-19 disease widespread are yet to be paid their hazard arrears.

The speaker sought through the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, concerning the location of the Chinese healthcare officials and whether they are aligned to the stipulated procedure of the virus epidemic handling.

“This engagement is to observe how we’ve to establish things better. The Chinese healthcare official, will their coming update our research centers/laboratories, are you welcoming them? Who are those that‘ve been managing the Kaduna and Kano labs in the past time?

“Where are the Chinese officials at the moment? How certain are you that the Chinese firm that bears the onus for this plan is working with your directives?”

The speaker as well noted that currently the disease is at a very optimum infectious degree, the officials ought to test as numerous numbers of Nigerians as possible.

“My remark is, let us initiate to check/examine everyone as currently the disease is at a very optimum infectious degree. We’ve the challenge of tracing contacts as people are giving incorrect addresses. Have you tried tracing them through the Immigration Service and telecommunication firms as there exist other data that have to be sourced out of those windows?”

In his reaction, the Minister of Health, Mr Ehanire, noted the Chinese healthcare personnals were thoroughly diagnosed and separated in a facility that belongs to the Chinese firm that had the onus for the plan.

The minister as well noted foreign air flight firms and embassies were working together to resolve the problem of tracing contacts of the remarkers of the virus.

In his personal view, the Secretary to the govt of the Federation (SGF), that is as well the Chairman of PTF, Boss Mustapha, in support of the stands of the speaker at the necessity of law-making as well as guarantee for an understandable welfare seal being processed.

Others at the gathering that involved the President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, were the Ministers of the Aviation, Surrounding, communication and Foreign Affairs and colleagues of the PTF on Coronavirus.

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