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Chelsea’s Constant League Points Drop: Former Manager Avram, Advises What To Do

Statistics show that the 2008 Jose Mourinho’s assistant, who later became the manager at the exit of his boss, Avram Grant,  took more points in the shortest time than any other Chelsea Manager in the history of Premier League. This same Manager is the one who took Chelsea to their first-ever Champions League final with Manchester United in the 2007/2008 season.

Speaking about the current situation of the club where Chelsea constantly drop points to teams in the League, the former team Manager advises Frank Lampard and the entire board to be strong, use their head, stay focus, and find a solution to the present situation. The Manager relates the present situation with the past saying, “it was not easy to lead the team in that situation, lack of points, lack of quality of football, bad atmosphere plus being sixth on the table; then I know, I needed to use all my experience to deal with issues from outside and inside the club”.

The Former Manager lends his opinion saying, “on the current situation, you need to be strong when things are not going well when things are going well, everybody is a genius, everybody knows what to do but in situations like this, all you need to do is look for a solution, and what I can say to Frank and others starting from the owner is be Patient, and above all, the first is, don’t lose the fighting spirit and the second is don’t lose what you have up head, you need to think right and look for a solution”.

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